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Nau Mai, Haere Mai

Winding Roads
Red Mountain
Mountains in Fog

Creating awareness.
Growing confidence.

Empowering change.

Get clear about your team's Values & Strengths

Are you and your team members clear about values?

How are each person's values working with your team?

When you're clear about your team's values, you're giving your team confidence in their problem solving, creating clearer expectations and creating the culture and place people want to be a part of.

Let's get started.


Kia Ora.

My name is Beth Savage

As a Leadership and Team Building Coach/Facilitator, I'm privileged to partner with you and your team to better understand and work through their challenges.


Together, we develop actionable plans that empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential. By combining my keen listening and perception with clients' insights, I ensure that the strategies and solutions devised are both realistic and achievable.

I'm a catalyst for change, a source of energy, and a champion of enthusiasm. With a fresh perspective and keen observations, I bring honesty, compassion and clarity to every coaching session. My innate ability to connect with individuals on a personal level makes the coaching experience transformative and impactful.

"I would recommend Beth to any organisation or individual who is looking for a business coach. We appreciated Beth’s attention to detail and drive to provide our organisation with an individualised and well-crafted session. Her energy and enthusiasm kept all of us on task and working towards our team goal. I appreciated the after care Beth provided with suggestions for continued learning and implementation." 

- J. V.  Manager, Whanganui Women's Refuge



Start Today.

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Connect with me

+64 21 384 255

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